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Clubhouse Postings -

Our year runs from July 1st to June 31st.
Annual fee is $35.00.
If you join in May or June this year your $35 fee will continue your membership until June 31, 2013.
The 50-50 program is a help in balancing our expenses and we hope you will continue to support this effort.
Please send your annual fee to Dick Morrison by May 1st so he can work on our directory to include ALL members in its pages.
Write checks payable to NEFSGA and send to

    • Dick Morrison
      3904 Timucua Tr., Jacksonville, FL 32277

NEW MEMBERSHIP registration forms found here.

Tales From the Teebox -

Congratulations to all the members who competed in our Annual Championship at Grand Haven and Eagle Landing tournaments.
Our overall NEFSGA champion is once again - TONY KRIEG - with a 149!!!

  • Flight One –
    • Low Gross- Rem Seil 154
    • Low Net- Hollis Tinsley 140
  • Flight Two -
    • Low Gross- Keith Mueller 161
    • Low Net- Steve McLaughlin 138
  • Flight Three -
    • Low Gross- Dick Tyson 169
    • Low Net- Anthony Arcuri 133
  • Flight Four
    • Low Gross- Vince Gubbini 185
    • Low Net-Rick Gant 138